What Are Different Types of Locks?

What Are Different Types of Locks?

Some different types of locks are padlocks, knob locks, lever-handle locks, dead bolts and furniture locks. These types of locks differ in the amount of security they offer and the locking purposes they serve.

Unlike many other types of locks that attach to doors, walls or other structures, padlocks are portable. They come in both combination and keyed varieties and are commonly used to lock toolboxes and lockers at school or the gym.

Knob locks and lever-handle locks feature a locking mechanism that is attached to a doorknob. To open a door with a knob lock, one grips the doorknob and turns the hand, while a lever-handle lock features a lever that must be pushed downward to open the door. When possible, these types of locks should not be used as the only security measure on external doors, warns Security Snobs. Since the lock is inside of the doorknob, it is easy for intruders to break the knob off the door with a hammer or other tool.

Deadbolt locks are commonly used on external doors along with knob locks to provide a second layer of security. This type of lock features a cylinder that one rotates to lock the door to which the deadbolt is attached. Commonly, the cylinder slides into the open and closed positions with a key from the outside of the door and via a twist knob from the inside. Some deadbolts require a key to open them from either side of the door.

Furniture locks are used for locking desks, drawers and cabinets. In many cases, it is possible to install a furniture lock on a piece of furniture that did not already feature a lock at the time of purchase.