What Are Some Different Types of LED Work Lights?


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LED, or light emitting diode, lamps are used for desk lamps, track lighting, grow lights, under-cabinet illumination and head lamps. They are also useful for landscape and walkway post lighting, kitchen island pendants, emergency and work lanterns, flashlights, road flares and many other instances where powerful, bright and energy-efficient lighting is required.

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LED lighting has several advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lamps as work lighting. The light emitting diodes are compact and use less energy than other bulbs. They are directional light sources that don't emit a wide pool of uncontrolled heat and light. LEDs are "cool" bulbs that don't heat up like halogen and incandescent bulbs, contributing to their longer, useful life.

The bulbs are adaptable and come in a wide range of shapes, from tiny rope lights used for walkway illumination to "vintage"-style Edison bulbs featured in open lamps and decorative pendant lighting. Some LED lamps are dimmable, permitting multipurpose use from task to ambient lighting in the same fixture. The longer life and adaptability result in a cost and a maintenance saving -- fewer bulbs, less time shopping for and replacing them and expanded use of more limited lighting sources. Dimmable under-cabinet LEDs provide light for both food-prep and nightlights.

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