What Are Some Different Types of LED Power Supplies?


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Some different types of light emitting diode power supplies include direct driven, series resistor and integrated circuit driven supplies. The direct driven power supply uses a constant current. The voltage of this power supply varies according to the LED load.

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The series resistor LED power supply works with both constant current and constant voltages. Integrated circuit driven power supplies require a constant voltage for operation. In this type of power supply, the LED loads are parallel to each other.

The direct driven LED power supply has the highest efficiency of the three types of power supplies. However, with this type of power, the LED only lasts for a short time, and its brightness decreases quickly. Power loss occurs across a resistor which makes the series resistor power supply the least efficient. Although it is not highly efficient, the integrated circuit driven power supply gives the LED the longest lifetime. The LED’s brightness reduces at a slow rate with this type of power supply.

A LED uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs are also more efficient than compact fluorescent lighting bulbs as they last twice as long. LED bulbs do not emit as much heat as traditional as CFL bulbs do, which increases their efficiency in comparison.

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