What Are Some Different Types of LED Lamps?


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Directional reflector light-emitting diode lamps are professional-grade sources of lighting that come with temperature management features to ensure the beams form uniform patterns, the bulbs have longer lives and the lamps produce enough light. To ensure color consistency, directional reflector LED lamps feature a binning process. These lamps use less energy and are heat- and UV-regulated.

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Conversion kits resemble the traditional downlight. These lamps offer ample light and are designed to consume less energy, thus saving on maintenance costs. As such, conversion kits make dimmable LED lamps. These lamps have the capacity to convert most 4- to 6-inch recessed downlights and can be mounted on the surfaces of J-boxes. In addition, conversion kits are approved for insulation contact.

Exit lamps minimize consumption of energy and maintenance costs by working as retrofit solutions, unlike most incandescent equivalents. Exit lamps are made compatible with most exit signs, since they feature multiple adapters and adjustable bases. Exit lamps also come with high-power factor kits that reduce energy consumption while increasing efficiency.

Traditional LED lamps are dimmable sources of light that typically use less energy than many other source of lighting. These lamps work well on ornamental light fixtures, such as chandeliers and wall sconces.

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