What Are Different Types of Kitchen Scrubbers?


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Different types of kitchen scrubbers include the Casabella Hands Away Surface Scrubber, the Casabella Sparkle Scrub Sponge and the Scrub Daddy Original Sponge from Bed Bath & Beyond. All three of these scrubbers are nonabrasive and safe to use on nonstick surfaces.

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The Casabelle Hands Away Surface Scrubber features an ergonomic, sunken foam grip designed to protect hands from both the friction and food grime involved in scrubbing dishes. The scrubber has a super-fine surface and is safe to use on any material, including glass, tile and Teflon.

The Casabella Sparkle Scrub Sponge has a unique and efficient scrubbing texture. These sponges are good for both routine washing and tough messes and work especially well on porcelain and glassware.

The Scrub Daddy Orignal Sponge from Bed Bath & Beyond is a small, round yellow sponge in the shape of a smiley face with a ridged hairline. The eyes and mouth of the face provide finger holds to easily maintain a grip on the sponge while scrubbing slippery glasses or mugs. This sponge also features Flex Texture technology, meaning it stiffens up in cold water to increase its scrubbing ability. The Scrub Daddy Original Sponge is also easy to clean and, due to its shape, does not retain any dirt, food debris or odors.

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