What Are Some Different Types of Interior Paint Faux Finishes?

What Are Some Different Types of Interior Paint Faux Finishes?

Giving painted surfaces the appearance of stone or marble, suede, sandstone, sponging or a chalkboard is possible with the use of different interior paint faux finishes. With the proper instruction and preparation, faux finishing with paint is a fun do-it-yourself project.

Finish the area around a fireplace to resemble stone or marble at a fraction of the cost. Different types of methods attain this look, one of which involves placing tissue paper in the wet paint.

Give the walls in your study, den or bedroom the look of brushed suede by using brushed suede paint and a special technique. Working in small areas at a time, apply a base coat, and while it is still wet, roll out lap marks. Finally, using a wide brush, paint the wall in an overlapping X pattern.

Use a special sandstone paint to give your walls a textured finish. The paint itself is sandy to the touch and gives a raised surface to your walls.

Sponging gives your walls an attractive mottled finish. You can sponge paint onto your walls or sponge off, using a sea sponge. This finish works great on walls with imperfections, making them less noticeable. Similarly, you can use a rag or cloth to perform this same technique in a faux finish called ragging.

Transform any area in your home into a functional chalkboard using chalkboard paint. Clean and do any necessary repairs to the area before painting. This faux finish works great on a wall in a child's bedroom or playroom.