What Are Different Types of Inflatable Fan Blowers?


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Inflatable fan blowers can differ in the method of power used to run them. Some are electrically powered with the use of extension cords, and others are gasoline powered. The fan's engines differ in size, and smaller engines are limited to powering smaller inflatables.

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The 5.5 Honda Powered Petrol Blower is an example of an inflatable fan blower that can power inflatables of various sizes. It is powered by gasoline and convenient for inflatables placed in areas without access to electricity. The fan can run around three and a half hours on one tank of fuel and has a reinforced base that limits the amount of noise produced. The powerful engine can inflate bouncy castles, obstacle courses and sport units. It retails between $620 and $740.

The Blow Up Sky Dancer Blower Fan is commonly used to inflate sky dancers used for business advertising. It is powered by electricity and comes equipped with a 25-foot extension cord. It has wheels for easy mobility, and they lock to keep the sky dancer in place. It is able to inflate sky dancers up to 70 feet tall and features two speeds that can reach up to 5,200 CFM of air flow. It also provides 8.8 inches of static pressure, ensuring the sky dance will remain fully inflated, and retails for around $300.

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