What Are Some Different Types of Hurricane Shutters?

What Are Some Different Types of Hurricane Shutters?

Accordion, storm panel and Bahama shutters are some of the different types of hurricane shutters. Others include colonial and roll-down hurricane shutters, and each is designed to protect a home from damaging hurricane winds.

Accordion hurricane shutters are easy to make storm-ready, and they cover the window like an accordion once unfolded. Being permanently installed next to the window makes them require less storage space. For additional theft protection, some models have a lock and key.

Storm panel hurricane shutters attach to the wall around the door and window on tracks or bolts. They are the most affordable, and a homeowner can install them before a storm and remove them when they are not required. They do not change the look of the house permanently since they are detachable. However, it takes more than one person to make them ready for a storm.

The Bahama hurricane shutters become storm-ready when secured and lowered to the wall. They directly attach above the window. They enable a homeowner to control privacy, and they are popular with those looking for a coastal look. One person can easily make them ready for a storm.

Colonial hurricane shutters fix permanently, and they attach to the wall next to every window. They are decorative, and one person can make them ready for a storm.

Roll-down hurricane shutters are the quickest and easiest to make ready for a storm. They offer strong protection against hurricanes, which also makes them the most expensive. They lower either automatically or manually, and the units attach above the window.