What Are Some Different Types of Hot Water Dispenser Pots?


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Different types of instant hot water dispensers include boil-on-demand heaters and hot water tank dispensers. Other common varieties are electric kettle hot water dispensers, bottom load water dispensers and direct piping water dispensers, such as in the case of faucets.

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Instant hot water dispensers are designed to provide high-temperature water immediately. Other types of hot water dispensers work more slowly to deliver heated or boiling water.

Instant hot water delivery services are designed to circulate constantly heated water through the home or the system, ready to provide users with hot water at a moment's notice, whether for the faucet, shower or any other appliance. Point-of-use water heaters are the second variety available, and they work more slowly because they are designed to provide an immediate hot water service within a small location.

The third type of hot water delivery system is typically much smaller, and it is only designed to hold a few gallons or a few quarts of water. These systems include standalone kettles or other kitchen appliances and are typically used for preparing meals or drinks, such as coffee and tea. Although not instantaneous, this type of dispenser can save in energy costs over systems that constantly heat water.

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