What Are the Different Types of Hood Ranges Available?

What Are the Different Types of Hood Ranges Available?

Different types of hood ranges include under-cabinet hoods, chimney hoods, island hoods, downdraft hoods and ductless hoods. The size and layout of the kitchen helps determine the type of hood that is best for the space. Each type of hood range has distinct features and benefits to offer the kitchen.

Under-cabinet hoods are mounted underneath the base of a wall cabinet. This type of hood range contains ductwork that is placed inside an adjoining wall or ceiling to exhaust fumes, smoke and steam to the outside.

Chimney hoods are used in kitchens that do not have cabinets placed over the range. These hoods are mounted on the wall using exposed vent stacks above the hood and vent air pollutants to the outside via a flue in the wall.

Island hoods are mounted using ductwork in the ceiling. This type of vent hangs over an island and uses the ductwork in the ceiling to vent. Island hoods do not incorporate an adjoining wall or cabinets, funneling smoke and fumes directly into the ceiling.

Downdraft hoods reverse the direction of fumes and rising smoke to exhaust through ducts that run under the floor. This type of hood can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, however, their primary placement is in islands.