What Are Some Different Types of Home Wallpaper Borders?

Wallpaper borders come in many designs from ordinary borders to raised and etched patterns. Borders are available in self-adhesive, pre-pasted and non-pasted forms. They are used to apply on chair rails, along ceiling lines, around doors and windows, and along the baseboard.

Laminated wallpaper borders have decorative surfaces attached to a fabric or paper backing. The sub-types in this category include grass cloth, cloth-backed vinyl and solid sheet vinyl borders. Laminated borders are expensive and are available as pre-pasted borders. Semi-transparent wallpaper borders have light background colors that brighten rooms with less illumination.

Some wallpaper borders have vinyl surfaces that allow cleaning with mild soap. Self-adhesive borders do not require additional glue whereas pre-pasted borders require a commercial liquid to activate the paste. Some wallpaper borders are in white, which allows custom painting to match the home decor.

Use two colors of wallpaper to cover the wall and use the border in the middle to cover the parting. Apply plain or striped wallpaper on the top and floral wallpaper on the bottom to accent a shabby chic decor. Another idea is to paint the wall on the top and cover with wallpaper on the bottom. Use the wallpaper border to blend both styles and look elegant.