What Are Some Different Types of Hardwood Patterns?

different-types-hardwood-patterns Credit: Insights/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Five standard hardwood floor patterns are straight, random, diagonal, herringbone and parquet. Other patterns include chevron, basket weave, Dutch, wicket and picture frame, in addition to parquet border and medallion patterns.

Straight hardwood pattern planks can be wide, narrow or of randon multiple widths and of different lengths. They can be placed parallel or perpendicular to a wall and at regular or staggered intervals. The diagonal pattern is a straight pattern installed at a 45-degree angle to a wall. Straight patterns are easier to install and cost less than other patterns which may require extra wood.

The herringbone pattern is a diagonal zigzag layout; the chevron is similar, but the tips of the angles meet in a chevron and are staggered in a herringbone.

Parquet flooring involves repeated geometric patterns. The basket weave is one type of parquet layout. Parquet floors may have a border or frame running around the edges of the room, a medallion of contrasting woods in the center of the room or both.