What Are Some Different Types of Hanging Clamps?


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Different types of hanging clamps include steel, aluminum, plastic, porcelain and wood. Hanging clamps are available in a variety of sizes, styles and strengths for use in both industrial, commercial and home settings.

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Steel hanging clamps are typically used for hanging pipes, television mounting kits and large lighting fixtures. Steel clamps are also popular for outdoor use, as steel withstands the elements better than alternative hanging clamp materials. In industrial or construction settings, steel clamps are used for fastening beams, pipes and other equipment during transport by truck or crane.

Aluminum, plastic and wooden hanging clamps are commonly used in commercial and home settings. Aluminum clamps are widely used in office and school settings for hanging items such as lightweight fixtures, decorations, order slips and file folders. Plastic and wooden hanging clamps are commonly used in the home for hanging photographs, plant baskets, quilts, posters and decorations. Plastic and wooden hanging clamps are recommended for outdoor use because they will not rust, while untreated aluminum hanging clamps are recommended for indoor use.

Hanging clamps made of porcelain typically have a stainless steel core, and are commonly used to gently, yet securely, clamp window frame pieces to glass panes during construction installation processes.

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