What Are Different Types of Georgia Pine Trees?

Types of Georgia pine trees include the slash pine, the spruce pine, the loblolly pine and the Table Mountain pine. Some other types of Georgia pines are the pond pine, the longleaf pine and the shortleaf pine. The loblolly, slash, longleaf and shortleaf pines are particularly valued for their timber.

The spruce pine is found on the Georgia coast. It grows to between 66 and 115 feet tall and has bundles of dark green needles that are 2 to 3 inches long. The spruce pine is unusual in that it doesn't grow exclusively in pine forests; isolated specimens can be found in forests of mainly hardwood trees such as oak.

The Table Mountain pine, or prickly pine, is a medium-sized tree with little commercial value due to its coarse-grained, knotty wood. The color of its needles ranges from golden green to green, and its cones are oval and spiny. The Table Mountain pine grows largely on impoverished soil. In Georgia, it's most often found on mountains formed from shale.

The pond pine is also a medium-sized tree, but it grows mainly along the coast. Its cones are round and require heat, usually from a forest fire, to open and allow the tree's seeds to be scattered. The pond pine's needles can grow straight from the trunk of the tree as well as its branches.