What Are the Different Types of Gazebos?

What Are the Different Types of Gazebos?

Wood gazebos, metal gazebos, canvas gazebos and vinyl gazebos are the different types of gazebos. Gazebos add a perfect touch to garden and landscape design. Accessories such as tables, benches and flower boxes customize the different types of gazebos and add functionality.

Wood gazebos are strong, and they have a natural moisture resistance. They are decorative and can last for a long time without the need for replacement.

Metal gazebos are among the most durable. They are ideal for golf courses, public parks, outdoor concert areas and public entertainment areas. Metal is a strong material and difficult to vandalize; however, metal gazebos are heavy, and they require assembly. Also, metal gazebos are prone to rust.

Canvas gazebos make it possible to have custom designs for different structures. Canvas comes in different patterns, colors and thicknesses. Some canvas gazebos have waterproof coatings to protect them from the rain; however, canvas is the most expensive type of gazebo covering.

Vinyl gazebos are similar to canvas gazebos, but they are much lighter. These types of gazebos come in different colors and textures. Vinyl is easy to install, and the gazebos provide good protection from sunlight and rain. The material is also cheaper and effective when dealing with larger structures; however, vinyl gazebos are not durable and may require replacement after a few years.