What Different Types of Garage Door Window Inserts Are There?


Garage door window inserts are available in short panel, carriage panel or long panel decorative trim styles and, most commonly, rectangular, semi-circle or square shapes. Glass options include tempered, insulated, and decorative acrylic lites, which include beveled leaded glass available in various patterns. Short panel window designs often include four rectangular window inserts across the top of the garage door, which are either solid or paned, carriage style. Long panel window inserts generally involve two window inserts.

Both long and short panel window inserts can be rectangular, square or semi-circular in shape. Another option, effective with short panel trim, is to extend a singular shape across a number of panels, such as a semi-circular sunburst design that is seen in total across six or eight panels, each panel a different part of the total sunburst.

The function of a garage door window insert is an important consideration when selecting the right style. The choice of insert when the goal is bringing natural light into a garage used as a play or craft room may differ from that made to simply add a decorative element. A home's shape is also a factor when selecting window inserts. Curved shapes tend to make a home look less boxy, while square shaped windows work best on multi-story homes and rectangular shapes on ranch style homes. When selecting glass for the window inserts, frosted or stained glass are best for privacy, insulated glass for maintaining a steady interior temperature and tempered glass for security and durability.