What Are Some Different Types of Front Door Windows?


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A Dutch door, with two sections that open separately, has a six-paned window that takes up most of its top half, while a pair of double front doors have portholes over long windows with curves at the top and bottom. Two wooden bosses between these long windows echo the portholes at the top of the door.

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Another, Victorian-inspired door of polyurethaned Spanish cedar has a simple, frosted single pane window over panels. A Spanish style arched door with deep panels sports a small arched window with etched glass, while another full of small panels has one that opens up, creating both a visor and a type of window.

Another door made of light wood has an arched, six-paned window. While high up in the door, it is not high enough to be a transom window. One door, inspired by the architecture of New Orleans, is mostly taken up by an eight-pane window, while another fire-engine red door has a single frosted window pane with the house number etched into it.

Other doors have sidelights that match their windows, while others have windows that are covered with grills or decorated with swirls or tendrils of wrought iron. Other doors have windows and sidelights with beautiful stained glass.

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