What Are Some Different Types of Flashlight Holders?

What Are Some Different Types of Flashlight Holders?

The Blackhawk with Mod-U-Lok Attachment, Galco COP Mag Flashlight Paddle, Bianchi AccuMold Elite 7926 and Streamlight 85905 are examples of flashlight holders. Shoppers can purchase these products at stores such as Wal-Mart and police or public safety equipment distributors.

The Blackhawk flashlight holder fastens to any personal or security belt at any angle. Users can carry flashlights in it upwards or downwards, and it features an additional rubber strap to ensure it does not slip from the belt. The holder also includes a hole for water drainage. Buyers can use it with Night-Ops Falcata series, Streamlight Scorpion series and Streamlight Strion series flashlights, amongst others.

The Galco COP Mag Flashlight Paddle is a black cowhide holder that uses the Galco copolymer injection molded belt lock paddle. This feature mounts onto both the top and bottom of the duty belt. This holder has double pockets, one for the flashlight and the other for one magazine.

The Bianchi AccuMold flashlight holder boasts a faux leather finish in three options: basket, gloss or plain.

Customers can use this straightforward model with flashlights such as the Surefire 6P, Surefire 6R and Streamlight Scorpion and with belts a maximum of 2.25 inches wide.

The Streamlight 85905 flashlight holster comes in black nylon and covers TL-2 LED series, Night Com, TT-2L and Buckmasters TT-2L flashlights.