What Are Some Different Types of Firewood Sheds?


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Firewood sheds are either completely open in design, double-sided or three-sided, depending on size requirements and climate. Regardless of the style, firewood sheds generally have a roof to protect the wood from conditions such as rain and snow.

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The most common firewood sheds have a timberwood design with three sides and an open front, offering easy access and appropriate airflow. It is best not to fully enclose the wood, as a lack of airflow compromises wood quality. Open sheds are more common in areas with less harsh weather conditions, while those with sides provide protection in all climates. A slanted roof keeps the wood dry by allowing water to run off, and is usually made from plywood or slats, with shingles or asphalt roll-roofing.

If timber cladding is used, popular options include shiplap boards, loglap cladding or cedar cladding. Cement or dirt floors are both common in firewood sheds. With a cement floor, the wood generally doesn't need to be stacked off of the ground, but it is best to use a barrier with a dirt floor. Old pallets are a good option for stacking wood, as they allow air to flow under it while keeping it away from the ground.

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