What Are Some Different Types of Fireplace Accessories?

What Are Some Different Types of Fireplace Accessories?

Some different types of fireplace accessories include interior accessories, such as fireguards, grates, irons, and log boxes, as well as fireplace tending tools, such as tongs and bellows. Other common fireplace accessories include pellet baskets, fire dogs and heavy metal firebacks.

Grates are interior fireplace accessories that hold fuel for the fire, such as wood or coal. Fireplace grates usually consist of steel or iron bars. Steel grates are used for wood, while iron grates have bars that are close together and can hold coal as well as wood.

Pellet baskets are small metal containers that sit inside fireplaces and hold wood pellets. Pellet baskets range from 10 to 26 inches in size and hold up to 30 pounds of wood pellet fuel.

Fireguards are screens that shield a room from the embers or flames of a fire. Fireguards come as three-panel screens, horse screens and pole screens. They are made from sheet metal, glass and wire mesh.

Fireplace tending accessories include tongs, bellows, pokers, brushes and shovels. Fireplace pokers are rods that have pointed tips shaped like hooks. Pokers serve to adjust logs in the fire and to open and close manual fireplace flues. Fireplace tending tools are made from sturdy metals such as brass, iron and stainless steel.