What Are Some Different Types of Fire Accessories?


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Types of fire accessories include screens, andirons, grates and tool sets. These accessories help to improve the safety and efficiency of a fireplace. Because the accessories must endure high temperatures, look for quality accessories that use heavy-duty materials.

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Fireplace screens are made of mesh or glass. Both types prevent sparks from the fire from escaping the fireplace. Glass screens sometimes include mesh behind the doors that allows opening the fireplace while a fire is burning. Glass screens give the option of closing the doors as the fire begins dying, which limits the amount of heat loss up the chimney.

Andirons come in pairs and are heavy metal stands that prevent logs from rolling out of the fireplace. Installing a grate between the andirons keeps the fire off the fireplace floor and increases air circulation for a more complete burn. Even with these two accessories, the ashes require regular removal or they begin to interfere with the flow.

At the minimum, a fireplace tool set includes a stand, poker, shovel and broom. The poker helps to move coals and remains of older logs when adding more fuel to the fire box. Long-handled tongs are easier to use when moving burning logs than a poker alone. Investing in a broad flat shovel makes managing a fireplace easier if it operates frequently.

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