What Are the Different Types of Drill Bits?


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The main types of drill bits are masonry bits, twist bits, screwdriver bits, spur point bits and flat wood bits. Other drill bits include bullet pilot points, countersink bits, tile bits, wood auger bits and forstner bits. Masonry bits are used to drill holes in stones, concrete, bricks and tiles.

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The tip of a masonry bit is made of a hard tungsten carbide and a steel shaft. Although they can be used with hand braces, these bits are commonly used with power drills. This type can further be classified into more types, ranging from the 4-millimeter to the 16-millimeter masonry bits.

Twist bits are perhaps the most common bits used by handymen to bore holes in wood, plastics, metal and masonry. The tip chips into the material being drilled while the spiraled shaft removes the fragments. Screwdriver drill bits are used to make pilot holes on wood.

Just as the name suggests, spur point bits are used to make smooth parallel holes, especially on dry timber. On the other hand, bullet pilot points have a central pointed pin and two spurs on each end. Countersink bits are not used on metal, but are ideal in making holes for countersink screws. A tile bit makes holes in ceramic tiles and glass with the aid of a low-speed drill and lubricant.

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