What Are Some Different Types of Drapery Hardware?

Drapery hardware includes drapery rods such as classic rods, track rods and tension rods. Other types of drapery hardware includes the center support and elbow brackets.

The basic drapery rod is the classic rod, which is a single adjustable metal rod. It is placed above a window and may or may not have finials, or end caps, attached to its end. The classic rod is simple to install, requiring just brackets. There are also double-rod versions of the classic rod if multiple layers of draperies are desired. Another popular type of drapery rod is the track rod. This allows draperies to move back and forth on a track by attaching hooks to pulleys. Instead of opening or closing them manually, a cord is pulled.

A tension drapery rod is the least expensive, most basic type of drapery rod. It works like a shower curtain rod; it is adjusted by rotating the middle to loosen it and change the size, then twisted the opposite direction to tighten. Since it is not attached by hardware but instead placed inside the window frame, it only holds lightweight curtains. Other hardware includes the center support, which is a type of hardware placed in the center of a rod to prevent it from dipping in the middle due to the weight of the curtains and the rod. There are also drapery arms, which are shorter areas of rods to cover different sections of a window instead of covering the entire window with a single rod and panel.