What Are the Different Types of Discs for a Cuisinart?

Cuisinart food processors use fine and medium shredding discs, fine graters, French fry cut discs and 8 millimeter Julienne discs. In addition, 2-, 3-, 4- , 6- and 8-millimeter standard slicing discs are also sold. The availability of disc varies slightly among the different models of food processors.

A disc is placed over a food processor's center shaft and rests at the top of the bowl. As food is introduced through a feed tube, the disc does its work, slicing or shredding.

There are three collections of Cuisinart food processors: Classic, Premiere and Elite. Their capacities range from 7 to 20 cups. Each collection contains models of different sizes. A few discs are included with each model, while others are sold separately.