What Are Some Different Types of Dimmer Switches?

What Are Some Different Types of Dimmer Switches?

Types of dimmer switches include inductive dimmer switches and resistive dimmer switches. Other types of dimmer switches include fluorescent dimmer switches and LED dimmer switches.

Inductive dimmer switches are for light sources that have wire wound parts, such as transformers. They are also for light sources that do not produce much light, and they are not often present in domestic settings.

Resistive dimmer switches are for lamps that contain filaments. They are easy to install but not energy-efficient.

Fluorescent dimmer switches require a 1- to 10-volt ballast to work correctly and reduce radio frequency interference. Fluorescent dimmer switches provide smooth dimming control.

LED dimmer switches work by reducing the electricity the bulb receives; however, the brightness of the LED light does not relate to the energy it is consuming.