What Are Some Different Types of Decorative Pot Feet?

What Are Some Different Types of Decorative Pot Feet?

Different types of decorative pot feet include clay feet in a variety of styles, such as birds, cats, art deco, frogs and roses, pot risers and copper coated feet. The site KingsmanGarden.com hosts a variety of pot feet in animal, Victorian and nature themes.

The feet are handmade using English red clay pottery. They provide improved air circulation for plant roots and prevent staining of outdoor surfaces.

KingsmanGarden.com also features pot pads, which grip the underside of pots and raise them up from decks or patios. They are round and constructed with high-density nylon that can hold large amounts of weight and can slide easily so that plants can be moved without lifting.

Potrisers are small squares of non-marking rubber and are made from 100 percent recycled truck tires. They protect deck, patio or indoor surfaces from scratches and water rings and work with most garden pots and planters. Potrisers were designed by a professional gardener. They were meant to be hidden from view while raising pots just enough to be effective at increasing air flow. Potrisers can also be used with houseplants.

Copper coated pot feet deter slugs and snails from crawling into garden planters. They create a small electrical charge when mixed with the snail’s mucus that provides an effective barrier. The use of copper is a viable alternative to adding harmful chemicals. As the copper weathers, it takes on a greenish, antique patina.