What Are Some Different Types of Countertops?


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Some different types of countertops include stone, solid surface, laminate, wood and concrete. Stone countertops include granite, slate and soapstone, while solid surfaces look like stone but are manufactured from acrylic, polyester or a combination. Each type of countertop material comes with its own look, options, durability and care.

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Natural stone is often at the high end of the price range for countertop materials. Some types of natural stone, such as soapstone, require sealing for protection, while others, such as slate, are nonporous and low-maintenance. Solid-surface countertops require little maintenance, resist damage and are repairable if damage does occur. While wood countertops aren't as popular as they once were, they are still used in some kitchens in certain areas such as an island or prep area. Concrete countertops are often fabricated and cured before being placed into the home, with color variations available by adding pigment during the manufacturing process.

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