What Are the Different Types of Coffee Makers?

Different types of coffee makers include standard drip, percolator, pod or K-Cup, French press, moka pot, espresso and specialty coffee machines. Although standard drip coffee makers are the most widely used, each type of coffee marker has benefits and features that suit individual needs.

Standard drip are generally the most economical coffee makers on the market. These popular makers have the ability to drip directly into a travel mug or fill a thermal carafe. The standard size of drip coffee makers can range from 10 to 12 cups; however, there are compact models that start around 4 cups.

The percolator was once the standard coffee maker, and some individuals believe this maker brews a better-tasting cup of coffee. Percolator coffee makers include glass, electric and non-electric percolators. This type of coffee maker is ideal for users that enjoy percolating coffee grounds to their desired taste.

Pod and K-Cup coffee makers are useful for brewing one cup of coffee at a time. This type of coffee maker places a coffee pod, capsule or K-Cup inside the basket and drips water through the pod from the reservoir to make a single cup of coffee. Pod and K-Cup makers create a convenient and easy brewing process that users enjoy.