What Are Some Different Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures?

What Are Some Different Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures?

Different types of ceiling light fixtures include chandeliers, lights that are fixed directly to the ceiling, pendants, recessed lights and track lights. Chandeliers are hung from the ceiling and have arms that direct light upwards.

Originally, chandeliers were made to hold candles, and this is where they get their name. They are usually positioned over a table or in the center of a room. Ceiling lights are light bulbs covered with a shade that can be made of glass, crystal, plastic or fabric.

Though pendant lights are also hung from the ceiling, they cast their light down instead of up. Pendant lights can also have shades made in all kinds of shapes and in many types of materials.

Recessed lights are actually installed above the ceiling, in cans, and their openings are on the same level as the ceiling. They can be used as accent lights and make a small space look bigger.

Track lights are a line of lighting heads installed on a track. This way, they can be adjusted so their lights are aimed in different directions. Since the heads throw narrow beams of light, track lighting is often used as task lighting. Despite the fact that it has multiple heads, track lighting is easy to install if existing wiring is available in the ceiling.