What Are Some Different Types of Blue Glassware?

What Are Some Different Types of Blue Glassware?

Some different types of blue glassware include glassware made by Fostoria, a company founded in Fostoria, Ohio in 1887. Examples are an American Lady cobalt blue goblet, an American-blue glass box, a cobalt blue lidded jar and an Aristocrat light blue candy dish.

Fenton Art Glass, a company founded in Martins Ferry, Ohio in the early part of the 20th century, also created many pieces of blue glassware. They include an opalescent blue pitcher, a blue satin glass vase with a ruffled edge, an opalescent blue epergne and opalescent blue hobnail basket.

The Imperial Glass company made pieces of iridescent blue glass that include a cobalt blue tidbit tray, swan candle holder and lidded candy dish.

Bohemian glass was and is renown for the quality and ornateness of its glassware, many of which come in shades of blue. Among them are a cobalt blue and white perfume vial, and iridescent and cobalt blue vases. Bohemian glass became popular in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Bohemia is now part of the Czech Republic.

Pier 1 Imports also offers cobalt blue stemware, including goblets and balloon goblets. These glasses are mouth-blown and dishwasher safe but are vulnerable to boiling liquids. Pier 1 also offers teal, pavo etched stemware and tumblers trimmed in cobalt blue.