What Are the Different Types of Blue Flowers?

What Are the Different Types of Blue Flowers?

Different types of blue flowers include brodiaeas, penstemons and violets. Others are hepaticas, bluecurls and bluets. Their colors range from the palest blue to nearly purple.

Brodiaeas are delicate flowers that grow in the western part of the United States. They have bell-shaped flowers that grow on twisted, bare stems. Their bulbs were once eaten by Native Americans.

Penstemons are common flowers in the western United States, especially the Rocky Mountains. They are abundant in open fields and can grow up to the timberline.

Violets grow in moist soils and woodlands. They are low-growing plants with flowers that have five petals. They are usually sterile, but still have a sweet scent. Flowers that appear on the lower part of the plant are the ones that bear the seeds.

In the northern hemisphere, hepaticas are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring. They have hairy leaves and stems and prefer moist woodlands. They get their name because they were once used medicinal plants to treat liver ailments. The leaves somewhat resemble the human liver.

Bluecurls grow in open fields. The flowers grow in clusters and have long, curling, conspicuous stamens. A member of the mint family, bluecurls were once used medicinally by Native Americans and early European settlers.