What Are Some Different Types of Bathroom Lighting Fixtures?


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Types of bathroom lighting include ceiling lights, wall sconces and vanity lights. Light fixtures should match the finish of bathroom sink faucets for maximum aesthetic appeal.

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Vanity light fixtures normally come as three-bulb fixtures, although two-bulb and four-bulb styles are also common. The fixture hangs over the bathroom mirror, and the size and shape of the mirror dictates how many bulbs are needed. Vanity lights may come as bulbs hidden under a strip or separate lights connected to a single back plate, and some styles can run along the sides of the mirror, as well as the top. Sconces normally rest on the walls on either side of the mirror to eliminate harsh shadows while complementing the overall bathroom design. Ceiling lights illuminate the rest of the bathroom and complement mirror lighting.

Shades and accents of bathroom light fixtures range from frosted glass and crystal to rustic lanterns and metal troughs. When choosing light fixtures for task lighting, which illuminates the area while applying makeup, shaving or brushing teeth, aim for fixtures that provide 75 to 100 watts of illumination. Consider putting these lights on a dimmer to avoid harsh glares when the eyes are adjusting in the early morning, and use white or frosted glass bulbs to disperse light.

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