What Are Some of the Different Types of Antique Glassware?


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Different types of antique glassware include pressed glass, carnival glass, elegant glass and milk glass. Manufacturers made pressed glassware, or Early American Pattern Glass, in cast-iron molds from approximately 1850 to 1910. For many people, EAPG took the place of hand-cut crystal.

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Carnival glassware was inexpensive but notable for its iridescent shimmer. Colors change depending upon the viewer's angle. During the Great Depression, elite stores offered elegant glass, which was high quality glassware requiring handwork. Many of these pieces had delicate designs of flowers or tree branches etched into the glass.

Glass makers have produced milk glass since the 1500s, but the style became very popular toward the end of the 19th century. The pieces were often white with pressed or molded boarders in a scalloped or latticework pattern.

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