What Are Some Different Types of Access Hatches?

Some basic types of access hatches and doors include flush access doors, recess access doors, air return access vents, floor doors and valve boxes. These types come with many options, depending on the intended purpose of the hatch.

Flush access doors are intended for use on interior walls and ceilings. They are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, often allowing installers to apply wall treatments such as drywall to the outside of the door. Hinges and latches are concealed on the back side of the door. Some options for this style of door include locks, round shape and the option to paint them after installation. These doors are recommended for installation in new construction.

Recess access doors are similar to flush access doors but provide installation options in already constructed buildings. They also allow users to integrate insulation into them. Options include fire rating and door removal, along with all the choices offered by flush doors.

Floor doors come in hinged, non-hinged, and air- and watertight options for exteriors. Interior doors allow for the addition of carpet or tile. Air return access vents are flush access doors with air grills instead of solid surfaces; this allows access to air ducts. Valve boxes are intended to hold valves and switches, such as breakers. Choices for valve boxes include surface mounted boxes, recesses boxes and sliding access panels.