What Are Some Different Types of 8-Foot-Tall Privacy Fences?


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Different types of privacy fences include vinyl, wood, PVC, bamboo and wrought iron. Privacy fences be a solid wall that is impossible to see through. Some are constructed with small amounts of space between the stakes to allow for a less closed-off appearance while still providing ample privacy from observers.

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Wooden fencing is the most common type of fencing found in America and provides the classic appearance desired by many homeowners. The cost of wooden fencing varies depending on the type of wood chosen for the project and the amount of lumber necessary to complete the fence. Additionally, a wooden fence may take longer to install than some of the other options available, adding to the final cost of the project.

PVC and vinyl are two modern fencing options that are less expensive than a traditional wooden fence. PVC privacy fences are often much cheaper to install than vinyl and provide many of the same benefits. Both PVC and vinyl are extremely weather-resistant and do not rot or disintegrate over time the way some poorly maintained fences constructed of lower quality wood do. Vinyl fencing requires less maintenance over time compared to PVC fencing and is up to five times stronger and more flexible than wooden fencing. Both vinyl and PVC fencing are available for purchase in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

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