What Are Some Different Type of Orchids?


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Popular types of orchids include slipper orchids, which are known for their unique elongated pouches, and multicolored boat orchids. Another type of orchid is the moth orchid.

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A slipper orchid flowers has a large, shoe-shaped pouch known as its lip. The flower uses the pouch to trap insects as part of the fertilization process. Trapped insects can only escape from the pouch by climbing up a certain part of the orchid that passes by the staminode. Trapped insects collect or deposit pollen and fertilize the slipper orchids on their way out of the pouch. Slipper orchids grow up to 12 inches tall and bloom in early summer.

Gardeners love boat orchids for their large flowers that come in almost all color combinations except blue. They bloom in early spring, and florists often use them in corsages and cut flower bouquets. Boat orchid flowers have a wavy texture and last for about 10 weeks.

Moth orchids are popular for their big, long-lasting flowers. Botanists classify these orchids as Phalaenopsis orchids, but the moth orchid nickname is due to their speckled flower patterns. Moth orchids bloom twice per year and are tropical plants. They grow on trees or in consistently moist environments.

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