What are some different styles of work tables?


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Styles of work tables include table workbenches, cabinet-style work tables, portable, multipurpose work tables, power strip tables and wood working work tables. Others include metalworking tables, jewelry or watch making tables, gardening tables, art or sculpture tables and laboratory work tables.

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What are some different styles of work tables?
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A table workbench is a simple hardwood or metal tabletop on sturdy legs that is able to withstand a heavy load and handle a lot of hard impact. A cabinet-style table is useful for housing equipment and tools for easy access during work, and typically has a pegboard attached to it to hang tools or materials. A portable multipurpose table is small, light and easy to collapse or move. A power strip table contains power outlets in convenient places on the table for easy access for power tools. A woodworking table is used for crafting furniture or cabinets and incorporates a dog ear or planning stop used to press wood against during composition.

A metalworking table is able to withstand the pressure and heat of forging, casting, grinding and welding and typically has a vise mounted on its top. A jeweler's table is a small wooden topped table that sits close to the worker's face for detail work, as well as a surface below it that collects small pieces that slip off of the top. A gardening table is treated to withstand exposure to dirt and moisture and prevent rotting or molding. An art table is typically round so that a work is placed in the center and worked on from any side or angle. Laboratory tables are more delicate, are used in hospitals and science labs and usually have storage and water or gas lines and spouts.

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