What Are the Different Styles of Wainscoting?

What Are the Different Styles of Wainscoting?

Raised panels are the most traditional style of wainscoting, and this style goes back to Colonial times. Flat panel is another style that provides clean lines and a simple design. Another style of wainscoting is the overlay panel, which allows for more elaborate designs.

Raised panel wainscoting typically ranges from 30 to 40 inches and looks terrific in a room with high ceilings. In this style, the rails, panels and stiles fit perfectly together, and the baseboard may be built up from several molding pieces.

Flat-panel wainscoting works well in mission-style homes and this wainscoting starts at the floor and is followed by the bottom rail and the stiles. This style is usually capped with a chair or cap rail and flat panel is easier to install than other types of wainscoting.

Overlay panels is a wood overlay centered between the rails and stiles of a flat panel. This makes the wainscoting look as if it is recessed. This type of wainscoting works best in a Neoclassical-style home and can be applied directly to a wall with chair and base molding above and below.

Other, less common types of wainscoting include board and batten, combination, embossed metal, ceramic tile and embossed MDF.