What Are Some Different Styles of Caesarstone Countertops?

Some different styles of Caesarstone countertops include classic colors in the Classico collection and interesting textures like animal skin in the Motivo collection. There are varying colors in each collection.

Caesarstone offers three main collections for their countertops, including Classico, Motivo and Concetto. There are different colors and styles within each collection. The Classico collection includes all the classic colors of countertops. The colors range from whites and neutrals to grays, blues, greens and blacks. Some colors within this collection include Pebble, Raven, Concrete, London Grey, Haze and Piatra Grey. The classic colors are the most versatile, working in many different types of kitchen styles. Some of the classic colors and styles are solid colors, while others have patterns meant to resemble stone like granite and marble.

The Motivo collection by Caesarstone includes patterned and textured countertops. There are three varieties in the collection, including Lace and two varieties of their Crocodile style. The lace is a neutral shade of off-white in a lace-like pattern. Concetto is their semi-precious stones collection with styles like Nebbia, Profondo, Indigo, Fiero, Sirena and Viola. These look similar to semi-precious stones, offering bright and vibrant styles. Some colors found in the Concetto collection include reds, purples, greens, blues and blacks.