What Are the Different Sizes of Standby Generators?


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There are generally four sizes of whole house standby generators that range from 22 to 48 kilowatts. The 22-kilowatt standby generator model pumps out 92 amps, while the 48-kilowatt model generates 200 amps. Most of the recently built U.S. homes are designed around a 200-amp electrical consumption plan.

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The 200-amp electrical system means that most newer homes can only handle a maximum of 200 amps. However, as ElectricalGeneratorsDirect.com states, most homes never approach that consumption level and therefore do not need the large 48-kilowatt models to fulfill their energy requirements.

The four sizes of whole house standby generators are also characteristically single-phase electricity. Three-phase generators are mainly designed for large commercial buildings that require substantial amounts of electricity to operate. They are far more expensive than whole house standby generators and produce far more electricity than is required for a house's 200-amp electricity plan.

Most whole house standby generator manufacturers offer generator selector calculators which are designed to assist in finding customers the right standby generator for their home. When suggesting a standby generator model, the calculators consider things such as where the customer's house is located, which appliances the generator services, and the design of the house's electrical consumption plan.

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