What Are the Different Sizes of Henny Penny Fryers?


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Henry Penny fryers come in a range of sizes with widths between 16.25 inches and 62.5 inches, heights between 32.25 inches and 71 inches and depths from 22 inches to 39 inches. The company provides dimensions on the data sheets for specific models from their website, as of 2015.

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Henny Penny makes two styles of fryers. The open fryer cooks items that float in oil and require crisping, such as French-fried potatoes. The pressure fryer uses a combination of oil and pressure to cook foods that contain natural juices, such as chicken. The process seals in moisture while creating a crisp outer coating that prevents excess oil from absorbing into the meat.

The width of an open fryer unit depends on its number of frying wells and whether the wells are full-vat or split-vat. Fryers are available with one to three wells and up to six baskets in a split-vat configuration. The height of open fryers increases with the addition of a lamp unit or other accessories.

The pressure fryer tends to be taller than the open fryer due to its domed pressure lid. Its width is standard at approximately 25 inches, due to the use of stacked descending food racks rather than baskets.

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