What Are Some Different Shower Drain Repair Kits?


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The WingTite shower drain, Durock drain assembly, Schulter KERDI-DRAIN and Oatey shower drains are among shower drain replacement kits on the market as of January 2016. The WingTite drain, which works with plastic or fiberglass shower bases, has an O-ring that seals it to the drainpipe and four latches that flip out under the shower base, clamping it into place. The Durock drain assembly works with the USG Durock shower system and also with traditional mud bed construction.

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The KERDI-DRAIN design allows connection to the shower's waterproof membrane. The membrane adheres to the drain's integrated bonding flange, creating a waterproof connection at the top of the drain assembly. The Durock and KERDI-DRAIN assemblies both feature fleece-covered bonding flanges. Oatey shower drains work with tile or marble showers that use a shower pan liner. The low profile design of Oatey drains make them easy to install in small spaces.

Each of these shower drain kits are install-from-above assemblies and typically take about 30 minutes to install. Removing the old drain flange is often the hardest part of the process and may require cutting with a hacksaw in order to remove it in sections from the shower pan. In addition to a hacksaw, the project usually requires a caulk gun and screwdrivers. Schulter offers optional tamper proof screws and a wrench, sold separately, for the KERDI-DRAIN installation.

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