What Are Some Different Shades of Orange?

Some common shades of orange, ranging from lightest to darkest, include papaya whip, peach, sunset, apricot, amber, bittersweet, salmon, tea rose, tangerine, tan, cadmium, carrot, saffron, flame, pumpkin, orange-red, burnt orange, tawny, rust, tomato orange and Persian orange.

Shades of orange, on the color wheel, range from any color between red and yellow in the spectrum of light. Every color from the lightest, nearly white tint of peach to the darkest, nearly black-brown shades are classified as shades of the color orange.

Examples of the color orange and its many shades and tints can be found in natural substances, such as flames in the less-hot range of fire, orpiment, realgar, crocoite crystals, California poppies, saffron, wood lilies, roses, the dahlia, the orange hawk weed, the marigold, the crocus sativus flower, the curcuma longa plant, turmeric powder and, of course, such fruits as tomatoes, oranges, peaches, nectarines and tangerines.

Examples of the color can also be found in the animal kingdom on animals such as tigers, foxes, squirrels, flamingos, European red slugs, birds, lizards, butterflies, flame angelfish, dogs, koi and gold fish. Examples of shades of the color orange are infinite in nature, coloring everything from animals, to insects and plants, to minerals.