What Are the Different Settings on a Roper Washer?


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Settings for the extra-large capacity washer and the super capacity washer from Roper include hot, warm, cool and cold for water temperatures. Consumers can add extra rinse cycles and select a load size or water level. Customers select water temperatures based on types of fabric and soil levels.

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Roper suggests the hot temperature setting for whites and pastels. The setting also works for durable garments and heavily soiled clothes. The warm setting is for bright colors and moderate to light soils. Cool water temperatures get used for colors that bleed or fade, while the cold setting is for dark colors that fade. Cool and cold temperatures work for light soils.

One knob has options such as adding an extra rinse to the overall wash, so that a second rinse cycle occurs. Another setting signals the end of the wash. A third choice combines an extra rinse and the end-cycle sound.

Models with a load size option require consumers to move the knob to Reset before selecting a new load size. Clothes should move freely within the water when the water level or load size is set properly. The load size option and water level choice represent the same basic function in a Roper washer. Users should not overload the washer, otherwise clothes do not wash properly.

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