What Are the Different Settings on the Most Powerful Blender?


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The major different settings on the most powerful blenders are the smoothie settings and puree settings. The puree settings are used when blending different ingredients together, but the motor runs more powerfully when on the smoothie settings, because it needs to break down ice into water.

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Unlike older blender models, modern powerful blenders have stronger settings for making smoothies. On the other hand, puree settings are ideal for making foods such as sauces and soups. Before fruits and vegetables are added into the jug, one may opt to pre-cut them into smaller prices for more consistent results. Apart from the settings available, other factors to consider when choosing a blender include its ease of use, ease of cleaning, power usage, noise emission, size of jug and type of controls.

A buyer should also consider the materials that different parts of the blender are made of. For example, a plastic blender tends to absorb the color and smell of the food it blends, even after washing. Similarly, it may develop scratches faster than its stainless steel counterpart. Unfortunately, stainless steel may impede the user from seeing the contents of the blender. In this regard, blenders made of glass are the best, because they are heavy and stable.

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