What Are Some Different Portable Carts on Wheels?

What Are Some Different Portable Carts on Wheels?

Tiered utility carts, folding platform carts, rolling shelf carts and personal folding shopping carts are all different types of portable carts on wheels. These types of rolling carts typically have a steel or aluminum frame and feature four wheels.

Tiered utility carts usually have either two or three tiers and feature a handle that allows people to push or pull them. Seville Classics' All-Purpose Utility Cart is a three-tiered cart with a heavy duty double-chromed steel construction.

People use folding platform carts to transport heavy items, including storage boxes and small pieces of furniture. Olympia's 300-Pound Capacity Folding Platform Cart has a textured vinyl platform that helps prevent items from slipping off it during transportation. It also has four swivel casters for easy maneuverability.

Rolling shelf carts typically feature two or three shelves and no handle for steering. Honey-Can-Do's Three-Shelf Steel Wire Cart is a rolling shelving unit that has three adjustable shelves and comes with two locking casters to keep the cart in place when stationary.

People typically use personal folding shopping carts to transport groceries. Most of these carts feature a single large metal basket. Polder's Superlight Shopping Cart features rotating front wheels to make steering easier, as well as locking wheel brakes to prevent the cart from rolling away.