What Are Some Different Porcelain Tile Design Ideas?


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Porcelain tile can be made to look like planks of wood to give an interior the look and atmosphere of a beach house. It can also be given a metallic finish and form the surround of a fireplace. A bathroom can have porcelain tiles on the walls, tub surround and the floors in the same color, size and texture. The tiles on the floor can also be textured to make them slip-resistant.

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Porcelain tiles that resemble wood also have the benefit of being completely waterproof, so they are just the thing for bathrooms or wet rooms. They are also used for kitchen backsplashes. In one kitchen, the individual white tiles are hand-dyed with indigo, and though they work well together, every tile is just slightly different.

Modern technology allows porcelain to not only resemble wood, but rare stone, such as brown or golden marble, or even agate or malachite. Imagines of these stones are printed on clay and then fired at very high temperatures to create porcelain. Porcelain can also be painted with special tile paint.

A very exotic way to use porcelain tile is to lay tile that has the look of alligator leather on the walls and floor of a bathroom that gets natural light from a window wall.

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