What Are Some Different Plants of the Annona Muricata Genus?


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Anonna Muricata, also called Soursop, is a plant of the genus Annona. Synonyms for this plant include Annona Macrocarpa, Guanabanus Muricatus, Annona Bonplandiana and Annona Cearensis. It is a small evergreen tree that stands upright and grows in tropical climates.

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Soursop is native to Central America and the Caribbean, but is widely cultivated throughout the world. In some areas, it has become an invasive species. The soursop fruit is abundant in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, where it is a popular flavoring for popsicles and other sweet foods. People of these regions also eat soursop fruit directly from the tree, although the seeds are poisonous and not recommended for consumption. Soursop seeds have been found to contain a neurotoxic compound called annonacin that is linked to neurodegenerative disease.

Soursop trees grow to a height of about 13 feet, and feature oblong leaves of about 3 inches in length. The leaves of this plant are glossy green on one side and pale green on the other. The pale green side of each leaf typically features minute furry hairs.

Soursop trees are tolerant of low-quality soil and prefer lowland areas between sea level and 3,900 feet in altitude. These plants cannot withstand frost.

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