What Are Some Different Patio Garden Designs?


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Different patio garden designs may include a garden that consists of a collection pots and other containers that expand the available growing space. Another idea is a vertical garden that utilizes window boxes and wall and fence-mounted pots. Patio gardens designed around plant verities that take up little space or that grow vertically can allow gardens to fit in even the most confined spaces.

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Vertical gardens are one type of patio garden design that uses shelves, window boxes, wall-mounted pots or specially designed garden towers to optimize the available space. These garden designs may feature a variety of space-saving techniques, such as similar plant species grouped in the same container, dwarf plant varieties that require less growing room and plants grown in hanging pots. Window boxes are a popular addition to many patio garden designs because they are easy to install and simple to maintain.

Patio garden designs that utilize study containers offer a simple way to maximize the available growing space. Many common patio garden designs feature clusters of pots, and other lightweight weather-resistant growing containers can be placed in clusters on wood or tile surfaces. Keeping potted plants growing upright and well aerated can maximize yield while minimizing the risk of disease. These patio garden designs also allow for under-planting herbs, carrots and other small plants.

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