What Are Some Different Paint Glaze Colors?


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Paint glazes typically come in translucent colors that simply add dimension to the base coat of paint underneath it. However, Behr's website gives instructions on how to mix glaze at home that can be virtually any color. After painting the desired base coat, mix four parts glaze to one part paint in the chosen color. Mix thoroughly, and apply with a brush, sponge, rags or broom to achieve the desired texture.

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When using glaze to achieve a specific color, keep in mind that the addition of more glaze lightens the shade. Conversely, using less makes the paint's color more dense.

When using glaze on a pre-textured wall, such as drywall, first remove all furniture, and use painter's tape to establish boundaries. Apply a base coat to all walls; make sure it is either eggshell or satin if a sheen finish is desired. Apply a second coat as soon as the first dries.

To create a subtle contrast, choose a glaze shade in the same color family as the base coat. Mix the glaze, and paint according to the depth of color desired. Use a brush or roller to apply the glaze to a section of the wall using crisscross strokes. Allow it to sit for two minutes, and then use a damp sponge to take the glaze from the raised portion of the wall. Complete the wall in this manner, and allow the glaze to dry.

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